12 November 2007

What's Inside: LitvakSIG Online Journal

If you are researching your Lithuanian Jewish relatives, here's another excellent online genealogy journal, the Litvak SIG Online Journal, edited by Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan.

She's just announced a list of articles available online here:

"Sveksna: Our Town"

"About 'Surinamers' Who Are Not from Suriname: A Search from Shoe Box to Internet"

"On the Front Line in Lithuania in 1915: Narratives of Jewish Eyewitnesses Part 2"

"Lithuanian Jews on Postage Stamps: Ben Shahn 1898-1969"

"The Zeimelis Jewish Cemetery"

"What Does a Litvak Look Like?"

"South African Landsmannschaften Records"

"Never Judge an Archival Collection by Its Description or, Never Judge a Book
by Its Cover: The contents of YIVO's Lithuanian Communities of the Interwar
Period Collection"

"Litvaks and Their Calendars or How to Navigate Between the Torah Portion
and the Hebrew, Gregorian and Julian Calendars"

If you are searching your Lithuanian relatives, take a look at these informative articles.

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