08 November 2007

UK: 50 years of Children's Hospital records online

Research Buzz is a good resource. The latest update, just received today, contains a new and very interesting online database.

London Children's Hospital Puts Historic Records Online

London's Great Ormond Street children's hospital has launched a Web site containing more than 50 years' worth of patient records. It offers more than 84,000 records of child patients treated between 1852-1914. Search it here.

Search by first name, surname and approximate year of birth. According to the posting, there is a more extensive search engine here; registration required.

Results are in a table with admission date, sex, age, name, disease and registration district. Select a name and click it for more details. Additional information includes admitting doctor, ward and length of stay.

If you register (it's free!) you can see more information including case notes, residence address and outcome. Not all information is available for all patients


I always start my searching with COHEN, and I expected to find a bunch. The search returned 75 results for this spelling, but until one registers and logs in, only 20 results will be shown.

The 20 I viewed had admission dates ranging from 1854-1899.

Patients' first names were Bernard, Mary, William, Joseph, Jacob, Rachel, Maud, Edith, David, John, Sarah, James, Louise, Bertha, Freeda, Mabel, Hyman, Louis and Betsy, and they ranged from 0-7 years of age.

They lived in Mile End, Holborn, Hackney, St. Giles, London City, Strand, Islington, Whitechapel and Marylebone, and suffered from such medical problems as rickets, disease hip, tubercular meningitis, hemiplegia, conjunctivities, otorrhoea, collapsed lung/pneumonia, whoopingg cough/sequela, diptheria/sequela, tuberculosis, chorea, typhoid fever/sequela, enlarged glands, supperating glands, bronchitis, disease glands, phthisis, bronhciectasis, pleurisy and morbus cordis.

Registered users may view case notes, residence address, disease groups, discharged to and more details.

Another search for FINK also returned FINKELSTEIN (Charles, Sarah, Annie, Alexandra, Millie and Jane, who lived in Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, St. George in the East, and suffered from whooping cough, chorea, heart disease, bronchitis and rheumatism).

On the surface, this could be a treasure trove for Jewish genealogists, so check it out.

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