06 November 2007

Israel: New online IGS databases

The Israel Genealogical Society has announced that three new searchable databases are online at its website. They are part of a project called Eretz Israel Records Indexing (EIRI); more material will follow.

These three databases have interesting introductions by researcher Mathilde A. Tagger.

American Citizens in Eretz Israel - 1917
From a handwritten 19-page document made during World War I, it includes names and birth year for 342 American citizens. No one knows why this list was made - it was found in a box of unrelated materials.

Eretz Israel Jewish Refugees in Alexandria
During World War I, the situation of Jews in Eretz Israel was desperate. Those with foreign citizenship - i.e. non-Turkish - were expelled to Alexandria, Egypt. From December 19, 1914-September 23, 1915, some 11,277 refugees reached Alexandria. Informal refugee lists were written in Hebrew, French and Russian. Information is inconsistent but may include surname, first name, age, birth place, number of family members, family head's profession. The online lists about 1,200 records, some 20% of the refugees.

British Proteges and Subjects 1839-1914
As the Ottoman Empire began collapsing, Western powers tried to gain influence and power. One method was to claim to protect sectors of the local citizenry. The database was created from lists of citizens which Britain claimed to protect. Prepared in English, spelling is as found on the lists and indicates variants of the same names. There are some 2,500 records.

To search these new databases, click here.

Only a few more days until the IGS's Third Seminar on Monday, November 12, near Tel Aviv. This year's theme: "The Wandering Jew: Jewish Migration between the 18th to the 20th Centuries."

For registration, program and other details, click here.

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