02 October 2007

JRI-Poland database adds Galicia indices

Mark Halpern, AGAD archives project coordinator for JRI-Poland has announced updates to Eastern Galicia Record Indices in the JRI-Poland online database.

In May, 32,000 index entries for 28 eastern Galician towns were added, leaving only 16 towns where records have been indexed but had not been placed online. Half of the 16 are now online:

*Grodek Jagellonski : 1890-1904 deaths
*Kopyczynce: 1901-1904 births
*Kosow : 1868-1876, 1885-1892 births
*Krakowiec: 1877-1894 births
*Krzywcze: 1830-1876 births
*Olesko: 1877-1895 births; 1859, 1865-66, 1873, 1875 marriages
*Skole : 1904-1905 births and deaths
*Stryj: 1904-1905 births, marriages, and deaths

The AGAD project is not complete as index entries for the remaining eight towns are not yet online. Unfortunately, says Mark, costs to index these records are more than funds raised through researcher donations. Amounts still needed are listed after the records that have been indexed. Help ensure they will be accessible online.

*Bursztyn1898-1903 births - $224
*Lwow1900-1903 births and marriages, 1900-1901 deaths - $755
*Mosty Wielkie: 1895-1902 births - $257
*Rudki: 1827-1850, 1863-1876, 1885-1896 births -$101
*Tartakow : 1898-1900 births, 1877-1901 deaths - $386
*Uhnow: 1889-1895 births - $167
*Zniesienie: 1871-1901 births - $303
*Zolkiew/Nesterov: 1877-1899, 1901-1903 births; 1877-1898, 1900-1903 marriages - $816

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