19 October 2007

Afghanistan: A Jewish family's journey

According to a press release, there's a new book out on a little-known community:

Journey Among Nations is the history of a Jewish family that left their homeland in Afghanistan for Israel and then to the United States. It is a story lovingly related about tradition and sacred ceremonies, the values that hold a family together, and the events of war that forever altered their lives.

Says Kabul-born author Michael Cohen:

"I started to compare our current situation to the one we left in Kabul. My heart was crying, especially for my father who was a prominent personality in Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan…. Then he came to the Holy Land close to retirement age to wander with a shovel and dig holes just like the Jewish people when they were slaves in Egypt…. I wondered if he would have done this move had he known the consequences in advance. We left a state where everything was in abundance. It was a Diaspora indeed, but the Jews there adapted very well, especially in Kabul where the people are generous, noble, and respectful of others. I did not know of even one Jew there who worked as a plain laborer."

Cohen has headed two Afghan-Jewish delegations in meetings with Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai, and helps to bridge religions and enhance American, Afghan and Israeli ties. He and his family live in New York.

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