07 August 2007

What's your favorite family board game?

Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk have been favorites for us over the years.

Last week in New York, I played Scrabble with our daughter and my sister for the first time in many years. Our very liberal rules included words in any language (English, Farsi, Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish) and two- and three-letter words. We laughed for two hours over this game and its many improbable patterns.

Many years ago - our daughter was a toddler - visiting friends from London began a game of Risk, where the goal was to take over the world. The game became rather heated - an understatement at the time. Today, a mere mention of that evening results in peals of laughter.

Here's information on a new game that might interest family history researchers.

Although I haven't yet seen this new customizable family tree board game, several features sounded interesting: Players can personalize the board and playing pieces with family photos, develop original family questions for game trivia cards and more.

The game includes a score pad, instructions, timer, card tray and 25 blank trivia cards, with additional boxes of cards available for a fee. Card formats include multiple choice, direct answer and true/false.

The company has produced a comic strip commercial on YouTube; click here to watch it.

According to the website:

A scrapbook of your family tree does not compare to having an interactive board game that facilitates learning and understanding throughout all levels of your immediate family. The game's slogan, "How well do you know your family?", summarizes why this game is a must for any household. We all would like to think we really know the mindset and lives of our parents, children, sisters, brothers, grandparents and great grandparents.

The site suggests the game will help families learn about ancestors, origins and family names, accomplishments, dates, milestones and more.

Click here for more information.

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