11 June 2007

Oregon: Languages of the Jews, June 13

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Willamette Valley Oregon, in Eugene,will host veteran researcher Richard Sapon-White on "The Languages of the Jews," at 7.30 p.m. Wednesday, July 13.

The announcement included news that a member is planning to make a batch of chocolate truffles to bring to the meeting. (NOTE: This may be the answer to declining attendance at gen society meetings. How many JGSs feature a vice president of chocolate truffles on their boards?)

For location, information and programs for the next few months, click here.


  1. I second the Truffle Solution, Schelly!

    -Sally J.
    (The Practical Archivist)

    P.S. Someone named Steve was at one of your lectures and this is what he said: "Listening to Schelly speak was like listening to a poet." Wow! Any plans to come to Wisconsin in the future?

    (It was in a comment over at Randy's wonderful Genea-Musings.)

  2. Hi, Sally.
    Great to hear from you.
    Now in the San Francisco area on my trip and having a great time.
    Steve Danko was very kind in his posting on his own blog and in his comment on Randy's blog.
    I don't have plans yet to visit Wisconsin. If I am invited to speak, I'd be happy to arrange something for next year.