01 April 2007

Conference call for papers on concentration camps

Joy Rich of New York shares the information that a workshop about concentration camps, "The Memory of the Camps: Actors, Topics, Strategies," has put out a call for papers.

The workshop (in German and English) will be held in Hamburg, Germany, Oct. 31-Nov. 4. Submitters must be doctoral candidates or recently-graduated researchers. The deadline for submission is April 30.

The committee is looking for topics such as the history of the concentration camps after liberation and the cultures of memory related to these camps; the conception, organization and development of concentration camp memorials (specifically of Neuengamme and Bergen-Belsen); methodological reflexions on interdisciplinary approaches in concentration camp research (specifically concerning the use of testimonies as a source).

Overall, the organizers are asking which individuals, groups, associations, states and national organizations have produced, interpreted, organized, appropriated, transmitted or exploited the memory of the camps?

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